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Time Lapse…

… can be spectacular, allowing you to capture many weeks, months or even years into a couple of minutes of video, used to record the site progress or for marketing purposes.

Exceptional site monitoring

Marketing campaigns

Time lapse brings a whole new dimension to construction photography when done professionally with specialised equipment.

Gives your marketing campaigns a breath of fresh air. Its brief yet engaging, striking clips allows the visualisation of the contractors’ scope of expertise which says more than words can. People are visual beings and a time lapse film of the erection of a beautiful state of the art building from mere landscape is a sure fire way to trigger interest and engage the public.


Time lapse photography has had nothing but positive impact on a number of industries; construction being one of them. The cutting edge photo and video making technology has had massive success with construction, it’s no doubt the two make an excellent pair. As a result time lapse construction photography has become part and parcel of most projects. In fact, with the current trends, it is bound to become a basic expectation by clients from contractors. What makes this innovation so popular is the multiple benefits derived from it. If you are yet to try it, here are good reasons to consider time lapse in your next construction project.

Monitor progress

Reduce your site visits and sleep easy.

Always available

Current and archive material, available.


Per Year


Per Month

Up-to-date information

My construction timelapse service can make your project easier to manage.

Up-to-date photos of the site mean you can monitor progress anytime, from anywhere, so you can reduce your site visits and sleep easy.

Photos are time-marked and have detailed weather information attached, so you can easily use them to resolve legal disputes and keep subcontractors accountable.

You can use the photo-compare tool to see project stages side-by-side and track progress.

With my service, you won’t have to worry about your project, because you can get up-to-date information whenever you need it.